There has been one constant since our start in August of 2005 - change. The marketing and advertising world has undergone one of the most dramatic changes in business history. Digital marketing did not exist when we started. Now it is a key part of most marketing strategic plans. We have changed during that time as well. Growing from one client in the beginning, to working with dozens of businesses, we have adapted to marketing in today's environment. The principles of marketing have not changed: great creativity, frequency of message, simplicity in the message, singular focus. 

Cut through the noise with beautiful, effective, and functional marketing materials that engage your clients.




You want the marketing for your business to look spectacular and so do we. By working with some of the most talented designers in Spokane, Mediabus can deliver graphic designs that range from simple to stunning. 

No matter what people say print is still a very powerful medium. It is just changing. There are a lot of publication choices and which ones will reach your customer at the most affordable cost? Mediabus helps you work through what will be right for you and at what cost.



Nothing sparks the imagination like a great radio commercial. With so many stations how do you know what ones will work for you? Mediabus can guide you through the maze of stations and formats to build a campaign just for you with creative that will get your customer viewing in their own mind how they will use your product or services in their own lives.


Who doesn’t love television? But most business owners are intimidated by it. How much does it cost? How do I buy it? What shows are right to reach my customers? How do I build a commercial? Mediabus answers all those questions and guides you through the process.


In today’s marketplace, a web site is a must have no matter what business you are in. Consumers are more educated than ever and are constantly looking for information about your business. Mediabus works with our clients to build a site that is responsive to their customer needs. From tradition sites to tablets and mobile to e-commerce sites, Mediabus has talented developers with the expertise to make your site a true experience for your customers.


First impressions are what a great logo is about. It needs to be recognizable and memorable. Your logo is a major step in building your brand. Hey, we really like ours. Click here for some examples as well as the Mediabus logo and the story behind it.


When a customer sees your name and a clear picture comes into their mind of whom you are and what you stand for, that is building a brand.


Sometimes you just have a great story and you want to tell someone. Every now and then things don’t go perfect. That is where Mediabus can help. We have experience in telling stories for both instances and the means to get the information out.


Sales sheets, brochures, catalogues, trade show signage, business cards, direct mail, surveys and anything else to help build your sales success Mediabus can handle.


Sometimes you just don’t even know where to begin. Maybe you are just opening your business or have been in an industry that has not traditionally had to advertise or a new competitor has opened and for the first time you need to create a marketing strategy. Mediabus can help create a plan that will manage cost and focus on return on investment (ROI). At the end of the day it is all about providing exceptional service and building sales.